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Gord Downie Canada 150 We Day July 2, 2017
Reminder: Culminating Task begins tomorrow; finish reading p.260 and do #1-3, 4; p.261-264 #1-3; p.265-269 (do the first #2 as a journal) and do the “Thinking” questions #1-3.
National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

The Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council has released a prayer of thanksgiving for families to mark the 2016 National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples. The Council and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops have promoted the annual National Day of Prayer since 2002. It is celebrated on December 12, the memorial of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whom Pope Pius XII proclaimed patroness of the Americas in 1946. The devotion dates to 1531 when the Blessed Mother appeared as an Aztec princess to a humble Indigenous peasant, Saint Juan Diego, at a place called the Hill of Tepeyac which eventually became part of Villa de Guadalupe, a suburb of Mexico City. Pope Francis will celebrate Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica on December 12.

TED TALK: Canada's State of Emergency
DNA Connections
Key line from "Two Against the North"
"Your schools taught me to not be Indian. Now, you want me to be Indian again."
Two Against The North Questions
Two Against the North:
  1. Write 3 paragraphs summarizing the character development. (15)
2. Write a one paragraph commentary on the film. (10)
  1. What is the genre: (1)
  1. What is the theme? (1)
  1. Write two or three sentences describing each of the following characters: Jamie Macnair, Angus Macnair and Awasin Meewasin (6)
  1. Why did Angus pay for Jamie's schooling? (1)
  1. Why was it necessary for Angus to end Jamie's schooling? (1)
  1. How did Jamie feel about living in the Canadian wilderness? (1)
  1. Why do Awasin and Jamie intend to accompany the Chipeweyans on their expedition? (1)
  1. Why did Jamie and Awasin switch sides every three strokes of their paddle? (2)
  1. Make a short list of some of the problems they faced after the accident. (4)
  1. Why is it important never to travel alone in the wilderness? (2)
  1. Why was Awasin told that he could not sit in business class? (1)
  1. In what ways did Awasin’s residential schooling offend his family? (2)
  1. What lessons did Jamie and Awasin learn while they spent their time together and are these lessons that can be taught in school? (2)
1. Work on group presentation (presentations: Thursday) (Nick, Emily, and Cameron have already presented their group’s)
2. Text work due Thursday: assigned last week: p.193-205, p. 204 #1-3; p.205 #1-3 (#1 has to be its own page response), who is Chief Angus Toulouse? What is unique about Anishinabe gov’t?, Define clan system, When was the Union of Ontario Indians established? Define Longhouse, Define matriarchal, define/describe Prairies First Nations Teepees … NEW: p.206- 220, Q’s p.221 #1-3 + p.224-228 #1-3
3. There is also a bonus assignment as well (Raven drawing)
Downie quote
"I stand in support of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations and all Canadians who find themselves with no voice in our present version of democracy, who are trying to come up with the entry fee that gets them a seat at the table where their pollution future is being discussed." — Gord Downie, 2014
Nov.3rd notes
-overdue: (some have not handed this work in) txt: p.58-63 #1-3 & #1-2; p.64-71 #1; p.72 (read carefully, this is test material); p.77 #1-2
-“Poetry Slam” in the class on Monday. Individually or in pairs, they are to write a poem that has to be related to Aboriginals. Or they can recite a poem related to Aboriginals or written by an Aboriginal. For each poem, the class will guess if the person reading is reading something that they wrote or if it was written by someone else. Each poem will be interpreted by the class. If the student(s) is not comfortable presenting their poem in front of the class, s/he may have the teacher read it on their behalf.
Please give students a few minutes to work on this
-Test review: Test Nov.10th Ch.2-3 (up to p.72), be able to write about one of your journals, “The Secret Path” video, OKA crisis.
-reminder: biography essay. Due: Nov.10th (pick a famous Aboriginal (does not have to be Canadian. Alive or dead. Write 5 paragraphs about this person. Must have at least one source. Wikipedia can be used a source but won’t count as the min. 1 source for the bibliography. Title page= 5 marks, Bibliography= 5 marks, mechanics= 10 marks, essay= 25 marks
-reminder: group presentation: Due: Nov.10: 3-5 minute presentation on assigned tribe. Must have a visual such as a handout or power point.
Liz/Nathan/Matt: Algonquin
Sam/Conor/Grace/Mathew: Metis
Nick/Cameron/Emily: Mohawk
-reminder: Text work: read p.92-94, #1-2 p.94; p.95-97, #1-2 p.97 due: Monday
Treaties Week
November 6 to 12 marks the first Treaties Recognition Week in Ontario. Proclaimed earlier this year, the week was created to promote public education and awareness about treaty rights and treaty relationships.
p.78-79 #2-3; p.80 #1-3
txt: p.58-63 #1-3 & #1-2; p.64-71 #1; p.72 (read carefully, this is test material); p.77 #1-2: due: Friday
This week's work: p. 49-52, do both #1's on p.52
2. p.53-54 #1-2
3. overdue: Make an 8x10 colorful drawing of your name and add at least one animal that you think represents you and anything else (color(s), number(s), that might represent you.
4. p.55 #1
Today, we are watching the film Dances With Wolves (our guest co-teacher yesterday, Mr. Beacom, introduced the film talking about the symbolism and allegorical significance to look for in the film.
Remind APP
code: @db7cd8
Sept.12-13 in-class work
Ch.1: p.5 #1, p.11 #1-2, Journal: 1. Why did we hunt the buffalo/bison to the point of extinction? 2. Interpret: "Language for me shapes the personality of a culture."
p.30 #2-3
p.31 #1, 4, 5, 6, 7
#TrendThink is our own class hashtag this semester for use in our discussion board and on Twitter to promote social commentary and class-inspired observations regarding social justice and potential paradigm shifts #paradigmshift
Residential Schools
Lots of news stories on residential schools over the last few weeks (May/June 2015). Re: 6,000 children lost their lives. Debate: Was it cultural genocide?
General steps to following through on a project

2. Brainstorm ideas

3. Create Outline

4. Conduct Research

5. Revise Outline

6. Conduct more Research

7. Reference Research (

8. Write Rough Draft- turn your outline points into sentences

9. Proofread & Edit

10. Write Final Draft
Native music
Canada Is The Only UN Member To Reject Landmark Indigenous Rights Document‏
Shape Shifting beliefs from Aboriginal pasts
Native American Youth in Crisis
Review Notes
1. "Dances With Wolves": senseless violence begets senseless violence; 7 sacraments symbolism; why was he given that name? Which tribe did he join? (The Sioux).
2. "Lost in the Barons" key quote: "They took more then they gave." (Owasin's father in regards to the residential school).
3. "For Angela": Why did she cut her hair? What did the principal do?
4. "Lost Songs": TB problem in residential schools (many children had to spend several years in hospital).
5. David Bouchard on being Metis: "Before I was Metis." (He didn't know that he was Native at all). He remained Catholic. Now he "taps into genetic memories of grandparents."
6. "The Elders Are Watching: "They watch as you dig ore from the ground." (Who are "they" and why would they be watching?)
7. Inuit doc: eating of raw meat/raw fish; only way out = airport; igloos; Innalik School (like '90's, eg. TV set); schools-> Math, French, non-Native teachers; class trip to Montreal (overwhelmed first impressions of buildings, people, train, subway system, mall, hotel, tapless sinks, and bowling); how far one is willing to walk to get to a fox trap; why doesn't the fox trap always work?; Why so much suicide?; Why was it unheard of" in the days of the Elders?; Did the children look happy?; the mother: "If not for him (her son), I would be dead."; Do they all graduate?
8. What to study for next test and final exam: The above 7 points, handouts, dream catchers, "sacred", "interconnectedness, Languages: Cree, Sioux, Mi'kmaq, Metis, Inuit; pow wow; rite of passage; sweat lodge; Inuit art; John Cabet 1497; residential schools, know 2 class links; Jaques Cartier 1534, Louis Riel, missing Aboriginal women, Elder Robinson, David Bouchard, Lisa Odjig & Dance (p.17); Lindsay Knight, Elders, Symbols, Anishinaabe.
House Spirit
In native and ancient traditions, it was believed that all homes had a House Spirit. It was considered essential to connect with that Spirit for auspicious energy to fill the home.
Course Outline
*Course Outline can be viewed by scrolling down to "class files"
 “The sun never says to the earth,

'You owe me.'

Look what happens with a love like that.
It lights up the whole sky.”

- Hafiz

Your body is the cage?
"A traveler from India went to Africa to acquire some local products and animals, and while in the jungle he saw thousands of beautiful multicolored talking parrots. He decided to capture a talking parrot and take it back as a pet. 

At home he kept his parrot in a cage and fed him wonderful seeds and honey, played music for his pet, and generally treated him well. When it was time for the man to return to Africa 2 years later, he asked his parrot if there was any message he could deliver to the parrot's friends back in the jungle. The parrot told his master to say that he was very happy in his cage and that he was enjoying each day and to convey his love. 

When the traveler arrived back in Africa he delivered the message to the parrots in the jungle. Just as he finished his story, a parrot with tears welling up in his eyes fell over dead. The man was alarmed and decided that the parrot must have been very close to the parrot in the cage and that was the reason for his sadness and demise. 

When the traveler returned to India, he told his pet what had happened. As he finished his story, the pet parrot's eyes welled up with tears and he kneeled over dead in his cage. The man was astounded, but figured that his pet died from the despair of hearing of the death of his close friend back in the jungle. 

The trader opened up the cage and tossed the dead bird outside onto the trash heap. Immediately his pet parrot flew up to a branch on the tree outside. 

The trader said to him, "So, you are not dead after all. Why did you do that?" 

The parrot answered, "Because that bird back in Africa sent me a very important message." 

"What was the message?" the trader inquired impatiently. 

"He told me that if you want to escape from your cage, you must die while you are alive."'
Discussion Topics
Blog Entry Native Rights/History/Human Rights Posted: Monday, September 15, 2014 at 8:56 AM Discuss
Blog Entry Peace Posted: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 8:41 AM Discuss
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Why Ducks Quack and Eagles Fly (story)
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